Genomics for Improving Animal Production (GIAP)

USDA National Need Ph.D. Fellowship
Genomics for Improving Animal Production (GIAP)

The USDA National Need Ph.D. Fellowship: " Genomics for Improving Animal Production (GIAP)" will be competitively awarded to 3 outstanding candidates who intend to pursue a Ph.D. degree in ANIMAL BIOLOGY or INTEGRATIVE GENETICS AND GENOMICS at University of California, Davis.

The USDA National Need Ph.D. Fellowship has the following features:

  • Stipend: $24,500 per year for three years
  • 100% Tuition Scholarship
  • Paid Student Health Insurance
  • Research rotations in three research laboratories before deciding on major professor  

Who should apply? US citizens or permanent resident interested in graduate training in applying genomics and bioinformatics to improve animal production. The rapid advances of genomic science and decreasing costs of these technologies allow tremendous advances in research to deepen our understanding of the genetic basis of economically important traits in farmed animals. Students recruited will be trained to integrate molecular, population and quantitative genetics with computational biology, and bioinformatics. Fellows will be prepared for systems biology research by receiving a strong foundation in genetics and genomics, that is enhanced by computational and bionformatics so that they can address biologically significant problems facing the livestock industry. Students with strong backgrounds in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, or genetics, and research experience are encouraged to apply. Underrepresented students are strongly encouraged to apply.  


Applicants can apply through the Graduate Group in Animal Biology. Contact Information: Animal Biology, 1249 Meyer Hall, Davis, CA 95616/Phone 1- 530-752-2382.


Applicants can apply through Graduate Group in Integrative Genetics and Genomics (IGG). Contact Information: Integrative Genetics and Genomics, 310 Life Sciences, Davis, CA 95616/Phone 530-752-4863.